Aluminum flux powder


The product is mainly used in the field of copper aluminum brazing, with zinc aluminum solder as flux. It is often used as flux in copper aluminum flux cored wire with zinc aluminum alloy as filler metal. In addition, it can also be adjusted into paste with water or organic solvent and painted on the weld joint. With the use of solid zinc aluminum wire, the paste flux can be painted on a wide area and can be used for products with large brazing area and high permeability requirements.

ModelFormBase metalFiller metalTemperature()ApplicationCorrosive
FB201SPowderAluminum alloyAl/Si550~650Flame brazing、Induction brazingYes
FB202SPowderMg free and low Mg aluminum alloyAl/Si565~625Furnace brazing、Flame brazing、Induction brazingNo
FB203SPowderMg aluminum alloyAl/Si540~625Furnace brazing、Flame brazing、Induction brazingNo
FB204SPowderHigh Mg aluminum alloyAl/Si480-625Flame brazing、Induction brazingNo
FS312SPowderAluminum alloy with copper, brassAl/SI, Zn/Al410-510Flame brazing、Induction brazingNo
FS420SPowderAluminum alloy with copper, brassAl/SI, Zn/Al410-510Flame brazing、Induction brazingNo

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