Nitrogen controlled igniter (N500P)


Safety upgrade

With Daishin, Japan technology.

When the gas is turned off, the gas will be first automatically turned off and then the oxygen, reducing the tempering probability.

When the ignition fails, air flow is automatically cut off.

When the brazing torch falls off accidentally, air flow is automatically cut off

Electric spark ignition without power supply.


In the process of brazing, nitrogen is used to protect the workpiece from oxidation and improve the brazing quality.

Energy saving, environment-friendly

Nitrogen control for synchronization of flame on-off and nitrogen protection of the product to be welded in the brazing control reduces the invalid nitrogen emission time, and save nitrogen. The nitrogen solenoid valve can be closed with a delay, and the time can be set in 1-99 seconds.

The design of low power consumption and frequent use of brazing torch can effectively reduce the invalid burning time of brazing torch.

Simple operation

With only one power switch and one flame detection switch on the operation panel.

NameModelIgnitionFlame detectionVoltageFlow displayFlow control

Strong/weak flame switch

Control gas path
Gas saving igniterN500PElectric sparkFlame sensorFlame sensorNoManualNoGas,Oxygen,Nitrogen

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