Electric spark igniter (XR-800)



①When ignition fails or torch falls, air flow is automatically cut off.

When the gas is shut off, first gas and then oxygen will be turned off automatically, flashback probability is reduced.

The air inlet end is equipped with a filter to prevent the fixed particles from entering the solenoid valve, reduce the sealing and leakage rate and ensure safety.

Hidden design of electric wire and solenoid valve to avoid accidental fire and ensure safety.

The on-off indicator light of the solenoid valve is set, and the working state is visually displayed.

Closed flame hood design to prevent operators from electric shock.

Simple operation

With only one power switch and one flame detection switch on the operation panel.

Energy saving, environment-friendly

The design of low power consumption and frequent use of brazing torch can effectively reduce the invalid burning time of brazing torch.

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