FLOTRON Smart Flow Controller


QualityThe stability of gas flow is controlled automatically, making the flame more stable, the defect rate is reduced, the CPK and the brazing qualification rate is improved.

Cost downStrong and weak flame switching function. The weak flame flow load is 1/4 - 1/6 of strong flame flow load. While waiting parts to be welded,strong flame turns to weaker flow load and this will reduce the usage of oxygen and gas.

SafetyIn any case of shutdown or power off (including sudden power failure), DF11K will automatically trigger the nitrogen fire extinguishing device to automatically extinguish the fire and prevent flashback, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the whole system.

Digitalization:With digital control, the flow setting is intuitive and convenient.

Description of main functions
Performance specification
Gas typeAir, O2, N2, He, C3H8, C2H2, CH4, Natural gas
Standard flow range (relative to N2 flow)1/2/5/10/20/30/50/60/100/200/300/500LM20/60
Operating pressure difference (relative to N2 flow)30Kpa~100Kpa (0.3~1.0kgf/cm2)100Kpa~300Kpa (1.0~3.0kgf/cm2)
Control range5~100%Max.range 5~100%
PrecisionMax. range within±1.5%Max. range within±2.0%
RepeatabilityMax. range within±0.2%Max. range within±0.5%
Sensitivity(Time from min flow to max flow within±0.2%)Within 1.5 secondsWithin 1.0 second
Sealing materialSUS316,Fluor rubber,PPS resinStainless steel,Fluor rubber,PPS resin
Function description
ValueNormal on/off--
Flow rate dataStandard 10(optional 20,30)--
Zero point automatic correction functionAs standard--
Fire suppressionN2, O2, Gas--
ModeAuto, manual, external--
Locking systemSpecial brazing condition locking system--
electric power
Power supply

AC85V~AC264V ( Internal supply voltage DC24V)

AC100V±10%(General commercial power supply)
Control loopDigital controlAnalog control (digital display)
Ambient temperature5℃~45℃(accuracy assurance 15~35℃)
Storage temperature-20~60

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