Flux Filling Table


①The flux filling table can reduce flux running, emitting, dripping and leaking during filling as well as VOCS emission. It is more environmental friendly, safe and good for workers’ health.

②The inlet is inclined, The high-speed nozzle design is convenient to open and close, and to pour flux.

③The three liquid outlets are designed to greatly improve the filling efficiency.

④The filling platform is equipped with high and low liquid level observation windows, on the side of the filling inlet, convenient for daily observation and tank loading.

⑤Exhaust valve is set on the top of the liquid filling platform to balance the air pressure in the tank.

⑥The liquid filling platform is made of 304 stainless steel with a design capacity of 100L.

⑦The filling platform is equipped with a tool cabinet, which is convenient for placing tools. A pair of anti-corrosion gloves is placed inside;

Flux filling will stop automatically when the flux is fully filled.

It can be used together with 4L liquid storage tank of our company. When the flux is full, liquid filling will stop automatically. Convenient and quick.

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